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Limit Exposure to Radio-Frequency Energy

Limit Exposure to Radio-Frequency Energy

You can limit exposure to Radio-frequency (RF) Energy from your Cell phone. Although studies continue to assess potential effects of mobile phone use, the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified RF Energy as a possible carcinogen.

If you are concerned about potential health effects from cell phone RF Energy, the following are the recommendations:

  • Limiting cell phone use by children: Developing brains and thinner skulls lead to higher absorption in children.
  • Using a headset, speakerphone or text instead: Exposure decreases rapidly with increasing distance from the phone
  • Using belt clips and purses to keep distance between your phone and body:Â Do not carry on your body to at least meet the distance specified in your phone’s user manual.
  • Avoiding cell phones in areas with weak signals (elevators, on transit, etc.):Â Using a cell phone in areas of good reception decreases exposure by allowing the phone to transmit at reduced power.
  • Reducing the number and length of calls:Â Turn off your cell phone when not in use.


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