Measures in Case of a Gas Leak

Measures in Case of a Gas Leak

Precautionary measures in case of Gas Leak

  • Don’t Smoke or strike a match
  • Don’t turn on light
  • Don’t operate any electrical appliance
  • Don’t use a lighter
  • Don’t use a cell phone or telephone
  • Don’t start any vehicle in the area of a plausible gas leak
  • Alert others and leave immediately
  • Open doors and windows
  • Call the fire department, cops or gas company from another location

Helping Burn Victims

  • Run cool, not cold water over the burnt area
  • Don’t immerse severe burns in cold water as it can cause shock
  • Don’t remove clothing in case of severe burn injuries
  • Make sure the victim is not in contact with inflammatory materials, smoke or heat
  • If any material is stuck to the skin, cool the area with cool water and seek medical attention
  • Jewellery and metal objects need to be removed
  • Do not apply ice directly
  • Do not apply cream, butter, ointments or toothpaste
  • Do not touch or break any blisters
  • Cover with a clean, dry cloth without putting pressure on the affected area
  • Face, hands, feet, major joints or genital area is considered serious
  • Elevate the burned body part

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