Basic Things about Diabetes (Blood Sugar)

Basic Things about Diabetes (Blood Sugar)

  • The Role of Insulin
    1. Stomach transforms food into glucose
    2. Glucose enters blood vessels
    3. Insulin enters the blood stream. Pancreas produces insulin.
    4. Insulin suppresses excess blood glucose, helping the glucose enter cells.
  • Risks & Factors
    1. Type 1: At risk: Mainly children immune system destroys cells of the pancreas which produces insulin.
    2. Type 2: Risk factors: Obesity, family antecedents. Insufficient production of insulin and body’s ineffective use of insulin to suppress glucose.
  • Symptoms
    1. Frequent urination, thirst
    2. Constant hunger
    3. Loss of weight
    4. Trouble with vision, fatigue
  • Consequences
    1. Loss of vision
    2. Heart attacks
    3. Poor blood circulation
    4. Kidney disease
    5. Urinary problems
  • Treatment
    1. Insulin injections
    2. Diet
    3. Exercise
    4. Monitoring blood sugar

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